We accept different types of advertisements on my Website like (Paid Guest Post, Link Insertion in Old Posts, Home Page Back Links, Banner Ads and Video Advertisements). Here just I will mention only our prices for Advertisements and some keywords which people mostly use for find websites for advertisements.

1. Paid Guest Post 

We Divided Paid Guest Post Prices in three types:

  • Paid Guest Post (Back Links)
  • Article Publishing Prices (Article Words)
  • Paid Guest Post (Authority Back Links)
  • Paid Guest Post (Article Writing Prices)
  • Paid Guest Post (Back Links)

I charge $5 for 1 Permanent Back Link in article which write from you or write from us. So this like you can multiple prices according how much links you want to add in 1 article. Like 5 Back Links * $5 = $25 Total Price

  • Article Publishing Prices (Article Words)

I charge $5 for publishing article consist on 300 words on my website without adding any Back Links. If you want add any back link in article consist on 300 words than you will pay extra payment like upper mentions [1. Paid Guest Post (Back Links)]. Article words Publishing work like same as increase Back Links.

  1. Article Publishing Words 600 Fees = $10
  2. Article Publishing Words 900 Fees = $15
  3. Article Publishing Words 1200 Fees = $20

You have see upper details of calculate prices for publishing article words. This way we will publishing articles of my clients.

  • Paid Guest Post (Authority Back Links)

Please keep in mind before sending us any type of advertising order that we are not accept free any type of Paid Guest Post (Authority Back Links) on my website.

  •  Paid Guest Post (Article Writing Prices)

I am also providing article writing service and I charge $15 for writing high quality 300 words+ article. Please keep in mind I am not write myself any article. I will provide you service form Indonesia, Indian or Pakistani article writers. You can accept and reject article. Prices will be same calculate like upper we calculate (Article Publishing Prices).

2. Link Insertion in Old Posts

I charge $10 for 1 link insertion in old post. You can choose any type of post for link insertion. Price will be same calculate like Paid Guest Post (Back Links).

3. Home Page Back Links

I charge $30 for 1 Home Page Back Link for 3 Months. After expire date your link will be auto remove from our website home page. If you increase Back Links for Home Page and Time Period. Price will be same calculate like Paid Guest Post (Back Links).

4. Banner Ads 

I charge $0.001 for 1 pixel Banner Ads for one Year on my website. Price will increase like pixels increase for Banner Ads. You can choose any place of my website where my WordPress theme allow to add banners. Like Header Banner Ads, Footer Banner Ads and Side Bar Banner Ads.

5. Video Advertisement

I will advertise your video on my Entertainment Categories and I will charge just $50 For add your one video on my website.

For any type of further information please contact us: