Breakfast items are prepared on Raksha Bandhan

Breakfast items prepared on Raksha Bandhan

The holiday of Raksha Bandhan honors the romantic relationship between sisters and brothers. Today, all siblings enjoy the holiday. Raksha Bandhan will be observed on August 3, 2020, this year. You may prepare and eat the 11 quick and simple Raksha Bandhan meals I’ve compiled while you celebrate the Rakhi celebration. Don’t worry yourself with the Rakhi menu if you’re stressing out about what to offer your siblings that day. Just for you, I have created the greatest Raksha Bandhan recipe. The mouthwatering brunch will not only satisfy their appetite but also fill their hearts with joy, thanks to the decadent dessert. Read the special recipes for Raksha Bandhan, prepare them, and celebrate the holiday with treats and affection.

Thali from Gujarat

This is a straightforward full thali that my mum always prepares whenever we have visitors. Nylon khaman is used as the farsan, and the main dishes include sukhi bhaji, bharwa bhindi, cookie moong dal, and Gujarati kadhi. These come with pooris. As a dessert, shrimp is offered with dinner. Additionally, masala chaas are offered on the side but are not required. You can also send rakhi sweets online for this occasion.

Khandvi dish

There are US measuring cups (1 cup Equals 240 ml).

Rasawala aloo, Rasawala batata nu shaak, and Gujarati potato sabzi

Rasawala bata nu Shaak (Rasawala aloo)

Kathol Gujarati Mix (Jain)

This recipe for mixing kathol in the Gujarati tradition is a protein-rich, healthful, and delectable curry made with a mixture of 4 beans and simmered in thick tomato gravy. A bowl of Gujarati dal with rice, papad, and a side of cilantro and curry leaves, along with a napkin and spoons.

“Authentic Recipe” for Gujarati Dal

One of our family’s favorite meals, which I prepare several times a week, is this Gujarati dal. It is flavorful, cozy, and incredibly simple to prepare. Gift them some rakhi gifts online.

Indian-style spread

You can choose baked samosa with green and meethi chutney as a beginning. The main meal options include dal fried with jeera rice, aloo gobi, and shahi paneer with garlic naan. Serve pickles, salted lassi, and urad papad on the side. Phirni is a tasty option for dessert.

Boiling Samosa

Let’s go the healthy approach to the famous Punjabi samosa with this baked samosa dish. We will bake in the oven rather than deep-fry.

Paneer Shahi Punjabi (Restaurant Style)

The greatest recipe for shahi paneer from Punjab! Restaurant-quality paneer gravy that is rich, creamy, savory, and aromatic.

Tofu Gobi

One of the best Indian recipes is aloo gobi! In a fragrant onion tomato masala with Indian spices, cauliflower and potatoes are cooked.

“Indian Bread”: Homemade Garlic Naan Recipe

Garlic Naan Bread Made Perfectly! You must try this recipe for quick garlic naan made in the style of a restaurant! Additionally, you can prepare it at home without a tandoor (clay oven). With just the proper amount of garlic and cilantro flavor, you will obtain a soft, fluffy texture.

Indo-Chinese cuisine:

Make spring rolls and chili paneer as an appetizer if your guests (family) enjoy Indian Chinese cuisine. Make vegetarian Manchurian gravy, vegetarian fried rice, and vegetarian schezwan noodles. And for dessert, indulge in some plain vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Recipe for dried chili paneer (How to make dry chili paneer recipe)

Popular Indo-Chinese dish that is typically served as an appetizer.

Recipe for spring rolls (Veg Spring Rolls) Recipe for making spring rolls

There are US measuring cups (1 cup Equals 240 ml).

Recipe for vegetable fried rice (Veg fried rice)

There are US measuring cups (1 cup Equals 240 ml).

We serve schezwan noodles in a bowl with extra noodles in the back pan.

Japanese Noodles

This recipe for vegetarian schezwan noodles takes less than 30 minutes to prepare at home yet tastes precisely like what you get at your favorite Indian-Chinese restaurant!

Recipe for vanilla ice cream and instructions for making it (eggless)

Simple, eggless vanilla ice cream recipe that is simple to create. Without an ice cream maker, this homemade vanilla ice cream was created.


So, pick any of these recipes for Raksha Bandhan as inspiration. Search the website for similar replacement recipes. Please leave a comment with any questions or advice if you are still unclear. Everything doesn’t have to be performed on the exact day. You can make some foods, like desserts and chutneys, the day before. The vegetables can be prepped, and other items can be prepared the day before.


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