How to Change Your Car headlight Bulbs

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It is standard for your car bulbs to go out. Every car headlight comes with a fixed lifespan, after which they require replacement. With immediate relief, driving your car in the dark and bad road conditions would become more accessible. However, it might only sometimes be possible for you to consult a mechanic. Therefore you should know the steps to change your car headlights during emergencies. Every car model comes with different kinds of bulb for car headlight. They can be halogen, LED, or laser bulbs specific to the model you purchase. If you own an old car, replacing halogen bulbs is straightforward. On the other hand, LED bulbs take some more effort to replace. But the steps that you need to know for changing a bulb are more or less similar.  If your car bulb is worn out, you need immediate replacement. You can place your order online at CarOrbis. The platform offers a vast collection of some of the best car accessories. Manufactured by top brands, they offer the best service and value for money. So save your precious time and get your car accessories delivered to your chosen destination on time.

Steps That You Need To Follow While Changing Car Bulbs:

Changing your headlight bulb is more challenging a task than it seems. Adopting the wrong method will damage your entire system. Therefore you need to follow consecutive steps carefully to ensure that they work fine and you emerge in replacing them successfully without much hassle.  All the steps are detailed in the user manual of your car. You can have a look at it to learn more about the process. Find out the steps mentioned below.

Step 1- Inspect The Condition Of Your Bulbs:

The first step towards changing bulbs is to check the condition of the bulb and see how many you need to replace it. A car headlight is typically made of several bulbs. Check whether only one bulb is out or most of the bulbs are out. It would be best if you made replacements according to the necessity of the situation.

Step 2- Turn Off The Power Of Your Car:

You can ensure utmost safety by turning off the power of your car. Also, make sure that you take away the keys from the ignition. 

Step 3- Open The Compartment Of Your Engine:

After you have ensured that your car’s power is turned off, it’s time for you to move forward and pop up your vehicle’s hood. Follow by locating the headlight holder at the front of the car. Again, be conscious while performing these steps. A minor mistake might lead to significant damage.

Step 4- Disconnect The Wires Of The Headlight Bulbs:

Make sure that you successfully disconnect the wires of the headlight bulbs. Generally, three wires are connected to the lightbulbs situated at the base. Pull the clips or caps down to keep them fixed in place.

Step 5- Unscrew The Worn-Out Headlight:

The path toward the car’s headlight is different for every model. With some vehicles, you can reach straight to the headlight to unscrew it, but in some models, it becomes quite a difficult task. The air filter housing or the battery becomes the path to reach them. At this step, it is essential to look into your user manual and determine your model’s specifications. Once you have reached the headlight and opened it, most of your job is done. Don’t ever put your hands on the glass of the bulb. Instead, unscrew it slowly and carefully.

Step 6- Fix The New Headlight Bulb:

This is the final step in changing your bulbs. Clean your hands if you see any dirt or oil. These can cause the bulb to burst immediately after it is heated. It is best to avoid touching the surface of the glass with your bare hands. Screw the bulb in and close your car hood.

Step 7- Test the Headlight:

After successfully installing a new bulb, you must check whether it’s working fine. If your bulb doesn’t work after replacement, you must check the fuses and the wirings immediately. In complex cases it would be good if you consult your nearest mechanic.

Final Thoughts:

Follow these steps to replace your worn-out car bulbs at the earliest. Then, you can use CarOrbis’ online platform to order the best car headlight right from the comfort of your couch. Please go through the product description to gain more information about the product and compare it with other brands to choose the best product for yourself. CarOrbis offers additional benefits to its customers on every purchase. Such benefits include easy return policies, free shipping and doorstep delivery for a hassle-free shopping experience. You can also reach their 24/7 customer support to get all your queries addressed. For more Article link this Click here.

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