Download Free Ezvid Video Maker For PC and Laptop

Download Free Ezvid Video Maker For PC and Laptop

Ezvid Video Maker is a very complete program. It allows you to record the PC screen with options to add a microphone and webcam. In addition, it also allows for subsequent editing of the video. Among its editing options, it allows you to cut, add animations, music, etc.

Many times, it is of great interest to be able to record the screen in the virtual classes that we give, then upload them to the educational platform that we use. This facilitates the learning of our students since they will be able to watch the class again whenever they want, also using it for revision or as clarifications to doubts that may have arisen.

Features provided by Ezvid Video Maker:

– Maximum recording time: 45 minutes

– Video output format: WMV

– Microphone sound recording

– Webcam recording

– Game recording

– Video editing

– Operating system: Windows

If you want to know how the program works, you can watch the explanatory video on its official website:

If you decide to try this screen recorder, do not hesitate to visit its website to obtain more information. On the official website, there is an explanatory video that you can watch to find out all that this great software has to offer. After that, you can directly download the program by clicking “Ezvid for Windows”. It’s easy to get a great video maker, which can meet all your needs for quality teaching videos.

In addition to Ezvid, which can be useful in the development of a virtual class, we cannot forget the use of other tools with which to improve the content that we are teaching, facilitating meaningful learning for our students.

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