How to Create Online Legal Forms

When you need to create legal forms for a business, real estate transaction, or lease, you do not necessarily have to hire a lawyer. There are a variety of online services that will create the documents you need. These include Rocket Lawyer, Legal Nature, and Find Law. They can even help you with your lease agreement. With these services, you don’t even need a law degree to use them.


The eForms website offers a variety of templates for simple legal forms. These include downloadable business forms, real estate forms, and personal forms. The site also offers FAQs and How-To help for consumers. Consumers can also purchase yearly and monthly subscriptions. Individual forms are also available without a membership.

The eForms website has a clean interface that makes it easy to find and download legal forms. It features a comprehensive library of legal forms and provides step-by-step guides on how to fill them out. The site also reviews each form thoroughly to give the user a comprehensive understanding of what is being created. The website also offers a e-signature feature to help customers finalize the process.

The service is affordable and comes with a seven-day free trial. A monthly subscription will cost $39. An annual subscription will cost $199. If you’re drafting legal documents on a regular basis, eForms is a good choice. The website also provides an extensive help section with answers to most common questions.

The customer service at eForms is excellent. They’re even willing to respond to queries outside of business hours. The user-friendly interface makes drafting legal documents easy, and most people can complete them in less than 20 minutes. The service also includes step-by-step tutorials that guide you through the process.

One of the most important benefits of using an eForms service is the ease of use. The process of completing forms is simplified, and forms are filed immediately once submitted. This eliminates the risk of mistakes and errors. It also eliminates the need for physical filings and the time involved in mailing and picking up paper documents.

Although eForms is free, a premium membership can cost $15 a month. The free trial period allows you to create a will or other document for free. If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll like eForms’ premium service, you can also purchase a one-off document for $45 instead.

There are hundreds of industries in which eForms can be used. The educational industry is a perfect example. Administrators must keep track of student progress, collect fees, and obtain consent forms for a variety of activities. Using an eForm building tool such as PandaDoc Forms makes the student registration process simpler.

Ziji Legal Forms

Ziji Legal Forms is an online legal form creator focused on providing its users with access to a comprehensive library of forms. The service’s design is geared toward client self-service, with documents organized into three general categories: Family & Personal Matters, Healthcare & Power of Attorney, and Divorce. It also offers bankruptcy worksheets and cease & disease letters.

The site has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate through the content. It’s organized by category, and you can bookmark documents that you need frequently. Several business forms are also available, including those used by HR departments. Users can customize these forms to suit their particular needs. This makes Ziji Legal Forms an excellent choice for long-term businesses. It also offers a wide range of forms that can be used in any type of business setting.

The website’s templates are available in Word and PDF formats. The forms can be customized to meet your needs and adhere to federal and state laws. The service offers a seven-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. For any questions or concerns, a support team will be available to assist you.

Ziji Legal Forms’s pricing is competitive and flexible. Their business registration plans range from one to six months. The site also offers a money-back guarantee and an affordable monthly membership. You can cancel the free trial at any time. The only catch is that Ziji Legal Forms doesn’t offer regular attorney support or legal advice. However, it offers a network of trusted attorneys that can help you in the event of a legal issue. Despite its limited services, Ziji Legal Forms remains one of the most affordable online legal services available.

With the Pro package, users can have access to a comprehensive list of legal forms. The Starter package includes a limited amount of incorporation services. It includes a statement of incorporation, EIN, registered agent, and corporate bylaws. The Pro plan, however, includes additional features, including banking resolution and a free year of Compliance Guard. Ziji Legal Forms also provides a user-friendly dashboard for tracking and managing incorporation activities. The software even allows for easy switching between multiple corporations.

Customers can choose to subscribe to a monthly or yearly payment plan. The monthly plan includes unlimited document downloads and unlimited document versions. Once the free trial is over, customers are billed according to their chosen plan. However, if they are dissatisfied with the service, they can simply cancel it before the trial ends. In addition, the company offers a money-back guarantee.


Rocket Lawyer is an online legal form maker with an intuitive interface. Users simply answer questions about their business, and the software creates documents in accordance with state law. The documents are ready to download immediately, so there’s no need to wait for mail delivery. Users can also edit the forms as needed without worrying about the language or format.

Rocket Lawyer offers several plans that cover all aspects of business formation. For example, if you are starting a new LLC, the company will help you file the articles of organization with the secretary of state. You must pay state filing fees, but Rocket Lawyer includes other legal services such as a name availability search, an operating agreement, registered agent services, and more.

In addition to business formation, Rocket Lawyer also offers a document defense service. This service works in tandem with the online legal form builder and offers legal assistance. Rather than drafting the form yourself, an attorney will draft the demand letter on your behalf. This can be very useful in situations where you’re not familiar with the law.

If you’re not satisfied with Rocket Lawyer’s services, you can cancel your membership. The company offers a seven-day free trial. During this time, you can use their online legal library, ask a legal question, and create a business form. This free trial does not include customer support, but is a good way to try out the product before making a commitment.

Rocket Lawyer has a lot of experience, which means they know their stuff. If you have questions or need additional support, Rocket Lawyer offers live chat, email, and phone support. Most users are pleased with the customer service and the speed of processing. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In addition to estate planning, Rocket Lawyer also creates wills and other legal forms. The whole process took me about 15 minutes. I was provided with additional information, and a convenient notes field where I could write down any questions I had.


One of the most effective ways to find legal forms online is using FindLaw. This online legal form database has an average of 11 million visitors per month. In addition to the various legal forms, the site also provides attorney reviews and ratings. Clients can rate attorneys on a scale of one to five stars. The average of these ratings is used to determine the overall star rating for an attorney.

You should always review the terms and conditions before using an online legal forms provider. Make sure to read the fine print, as many of these services require monthly or yearly fees. It is important to make sure that the service meets your needs. Also, you should check whether the firm will offer free websites for the first year.

If you need to find legal forms online, you can use FindLaw’s advanced search. Its database is searchable by case number, date, and party name. You can also browse by court, company, or legal topic. The database also provides a summary of the case. You can also browse by docket number, which allows you to find cases by court.

The website also includes a community forum, where users can ask questions and get help. You can also join the Ask a Lawyer live chat service if you have any concerns. The site also features legal news and blogs. It has a great selection of free legal forms and is an excellent resource for finding legal information.

FindLaw is owned by Thomson Reuters. Its profiles consistently rank high in Google’s search results. This is an advantage for lawyers because people are more likely to click on the first listing on a search result if they find a FindLaw profile. In addition, attorneys who do not have a FindLaw profile are likely to be hidden in the search results because they may have bad ratings. So if you want to be found online, it is essential to have a FindLaw profile.


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