5 Best Loft Bed with Slide Reviews

5 Best Loft Bed with Slide Reviews

All guardians can immediately concur that getting their little ones to rest is a requesting position!

Regardless of whether your munchkins aren’t demanding sleepers fundamentally, we bet sorting out for the sake of entertainment and experience in all that they do is similarly difficult. However, with loft beds that accompany slides, your undertaking is removed to some great extent.

Since you are familiar with it, the main thing left is to bring back the right bed. What’s more, this is the place where things can get debilitating, given them plenty of choices available.

Be that as it may, still up in the air to give your munchkins cheer access their bed schedule. Thus, today, we have assembled a rundown of the 5 best loft beds with slides. As a little something extra, we’ve additionally incorporated a short and enlightening purchaser’s aide after the reviews.

All in all, we should begin with the procedures, will we?

1. Coaster Home Furnishings Kids Camo Tent Twin Loft Bunk Bed with Slide

Numero uno on the present rundown is this very good quality unit from Coaster Home. Worked to be equivalent amounts of tough and engaging, it makes for a pleasant expansion to your youngster’s room. Also, its size and conveying limit are great for an assorted age bunch.

For what reason Did We Like It?

First off, we were intrigued by the positive client criticism. Its rounded steel structure is exceptionally strong and stable, guaranteeing the most extreme wellbeing for kids. Additionally, the wellbeing rails on each of the four sides of the bunk keep them from falling, even with consistent thrashing around.

Since the bed is furnished with a conveying limit of 400 pounds, it can without much of a stretch oblige kids between 6 to 10 years old. Furthermore, the slide has a smooth surface and has a most extreme weight breaking point of 100 pounds.

Discussing its bunk, the metal braces plan offices even weight circulation of the bedding for agreeable rest. We likewise cherished the camouflage tent that sits under, simply before the bed, and complete with network windows and entryway.

On the off chance that you really want some additional room, put a twin-size sleeping cushion on the floor inside to make a second ‘bed’. Then again, you can likewise involve it as a tomfoolery play region; the camouflage texture praises practically any stylistic layout.

Concurred that it may not be the least expensive choice out there, yet its exhibition and elements really do well to legitimize the top-notch cost.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The gathering isn’t extremely difficult essentially, however the directions are difficult to follow. Assuming that you’re a beginner, put away considerable opportunity to introduce the bed. Other than that, we have no bad things to say about this marvelous item.


Powder-covered steel outline
Lightweight and simple to move
Accompanies a coordinating and vigorous stepping stool
Slide and tent can be taken out to make room


2. DONCO 750TE-750C-TB Circles Low Loft Bed with Blue Tent

Up next is the Donco Loft Bed with Blue Tent. This minimal and bright low loft bed will certainly turn into your kid’s top pick in a matter of moments! With its tent and slide highlights, recess and bedtime will never again require separate spaces.

For what reason Did We Like It?

The Donco Low Loft Bed sports a strong pine wood construction that records for its strength. What’s more, the predominant wax finish draws out its administration life for ordinary use. We were both shocked and glad to see that the strong form doesn’t add to its weight. In this way, count the atta-boys!

Like our top pick, the loft bed is outfitted with a bracing plan (wooden, for this situation) that permits you to effortlessly put the bedding. Moreover, the security rails reach out up to 5.5 creeps over the sleeping cushion to give ideal wellbeing to your baby.
The tent is produced using tough texture and has two windows and an entryway for satisfactory ventilation. By setting a twin-size sleeping pad inside, you can change over it into a bunk-like bed or essentially utilize the space to store toys. What’s more, it comes in various alluring shadings to match the shifted inside stylistic layout.

Finally, the two-venture stepping stool and small scale slide will make your little one’s bedtime schedule even more tomfoolery. We just could never have requested more costing this much!

What Could’ve Been Better?

Maybe the main drawback to this generally magnificent loft bed is that when you utilize the tent as an extra resting region, the tent entryway tumbles off. Accordingly, we’d suggest appending a velcro tie on the edge to hold it set up. In any case, this additional work is a long way from being a dealbreaker.


Highlights with framed subtleties
Smooth slide
The tent is appropriately ventilated
Inconvenience free get together


The tent entryway doesn’t adhere to the edge

3. DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide

DHP is one of the main names with regards to adolescent items, and accordingly, its twin loft bed tracks down a noteworthy notice here. Pair with the support plan, the solid metal construction is reasonable for babies as much as 200 pounds in weight.

For what reason Did We Like It?

Truly, we were charmed by the bed’s toughness right away. Its metal edge, similar to that of the Coaster Home bed, functions admirably to keep it stable on most surfaces. Also, the brand is known for planning space-saving furnishings, and this unit is no special case.

Because of the supports on the bunk, the sleeping cushion doesn’t slide around even with constant development. Also, the full-length guardrails shield your child from falling. On that note, we ought to likewise make reference to that it’s worked to oblige a standard size twin sleeping cushion.

Without a tent, the space underneath can be changed over into one with the included polyester shade set. Moreover, the upper boards accompany compartments, which can be utilized to store toys and books. You can likewise pick the drapery less model on the off chance that you intend to utilize shades of your decision.

To wrap things up, the slide and stepping stool is basically fixed in their places to guarantee ideal steadiness. Assuming you ask us, the DHP twin loft bed is one of the most mind-blowing financial plan purchase choices that merits considering.

What Could’ve Been Better?

In spite of the fact that we feel a little wary with regards to its dependability, the bed will in general make huge commotion upon development. In this way, we’d propose getting several elastic feet to hose the commotion. Additionally, the arrangement is pretty tedious, and will expect something like two individuals.


Under space can fit a twin sleeping pad
Removable and launderable drape
Around 20-inch slide
Accessible in three tones



4. Xiao Tian Kids Loft Bed with Slide

At number four, we have one more wooden loft bed, this time from the place of Xiao Tian. The vigorous pine wood construction includes a similarly tough stepping stool and slides for extreme security. With its 28-inch leeway, make proper acquaintance with extra room.

No items were found.

For what reason Did We Like It?

Most importantly, the bed’s coffee-shaded edge constrained us to attempt it, however, there’s something else entirely to it. Our involvement in the Donco Loft Bed fairly guaranteed us of the strength of this one, and fortunately, we were demonstrated right. Furthermore, the metal fasteners and screws keep the parts intact for built-up dependability.

The loft is planned with eight braces that help a standard twin-size sleeping cushion, with a conveying limit of around 175 pounds. Also, the high railing monitors stretch out up to 11.9-creeps to protect your kids all through. Also with the fine completion of the slide and stepping stool, the possibilities of injury become very nearly zero.

Not at all like another name on the rundown, the freedom may not fill in as an extra bed, however, it gives abundant space to capacity. Indeed, you can keep a dresser or bureau under for better association of the room. Also, its lightweight plan makes it simple to move.

At long last, the slide has a separable plan, which makes the bed more minimal for more modest rooms.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The Xiao Tian Kids Loft Bed with Slide is a top-notch estimated choice, meaning it very well may be a constraint for potential purchasers. Since it can convey as much as 175 pounds, the bed isn’t appropriate for more youthful kids. Having said that, the hearty construction in all actuality does well to guarantee ideal wellbeing and dependability for the expressed conveying limit.


28.8-inch extra room
Inherent straight stepping stool
No squeaks and wobbles
Quick get together



5. Powell Princess Castle Twin Tent Bunk Bed with Slide

The Powell Princess Castle Bed can be the ideal present for your girl’s next birthday! Its uncompromising steel construction accompanies twin tents to duplicate a little castle in the room. Additionally, its reasonable sticker price is a fit for most spending plans.

For what reason Did We Like It?

We adored how the general plan focuses on looks without thinking twice about security. First and foremost, the all-metal form affirms its solidness on most floor types. The bunk includes immovably positioned metal supports, which works with even weight dissemination and assists the sleeping pad with the remaining setup. Additionally, the watchman rails have the right tallness to keep your youngster from falling.

Without a doubt, its greatest feature is the shape and plan of the texture that gives it a castle-like look and feel. Notwithstanding the tent under, the polyester texture covers the highest point of the slide to shape the castle-head. Complete with a little stepping stool and banner post, we like the brand’s attention to detail.

Discussing its tent, the overlap-down window ‘sheets’ are additionally transparent, consequently permitting you to control how much light and air enter the space. Aside from that, the rings include making it simple to eliminate the tent drape for washing.

Generally, we are completely dazzled with the quality and work of this castle bed at its pocket-accommodating cost.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Albeit the tent can oblige twin-size bedding, its stature isn’t appropriate for the end goal of resting. Like the Coaster Home Bunk Bed, the directions manual is a piece of befuddling, and the unlabeled screws don’t do a lot to help you.


Powder-covered completion for erosion opposition
Bunk is covered with a shelter for added security
Launderable drape and castle sheets
The tent bends over as the extra room


Get together is tedious

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