Download Free Mi Cloud For Windows, Macs, and Mobiles

Download Free Mi Cloud For Windows, Macs, and Mobiles

Mi Cloud For Windows is a powerful feature available on all Xiaomi phones and tablets. This feature works to sync user data across several different mi devices and also store that data in a cloud system. With the Mi Cloud feature, every user can access their data anytime. They just need to login to their MI account by typing their username and password. Each MI account offers 5 GB of free storage and if it exceeds that, the user will be charged an additional fee.

For laptop or PC users, Mi Cloud can be systematically controlled from a laptop or PC. Thus they can access various data such as photos, content, videos, notes, and so on. Mi Cloud can be operated by laptop/desktop users “in the form of a desktop application”.

Curious? You can use this great feature through the following steps. Just keep reading until the end!

– You can start by opening the Mi Cloud Desktop application. You can open the application in a web browser. Instantly login to your account by entering the correct username and password. You will see a screen with various icons that make it easy for you to access your gallery, contacts, messages, and more.

– You can download Mi Cloud app

There is another way to use the Mi Cloud app on your laptop/desktop. By downloading it. Instead of using it in a web browser, you can use the app directly. You just need to download it, selecting the destination folder on the PC.

It doesn’t cost anything to download Mi Cloud to Windows, Mac, and Mobiles. In case of Windows and Mac you need to download the app but in case of mobiles, you don’t need to download because it is Pre-installed on your device.

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