Nokia 130 – Price – Specifications – Features

Nokia 130 - Price - Specifications - Features

Nokia 130 Price in Pakistan

Nokia 130 Price in Pakistan is the amount of Rs. 3,549. Warranty and dealer companies control the cost of Nokia mobile phones. Nokia mobile devices under the official warranty.

  • The retail price of Nokia 130 in Pakistan is Rs. 3,549.
  • The retail price of Nokia in USD is $26.

Nokia 130 – The Portable Video & Music Player.

Microsoft offers Microsoft’s Nokia 130. Portable music and video player at a very affordable cost. Nokia’s 130 is proof that Microsoft devices have not abandoned the concept of making basic phones. 130 from Nokia has a classic Candybar design and comes in three colors: Black, White and incredible Red. Nokia 130’s FM radio integrated isn’t going to let you become bored.

Video Players

Alongside MP3 player, Video player and support for microSD cards up to 32GB. Nokia 130 model 130 can accommodate as much as 6000 music. Bluetooth connectivity, including slam features, earphones, and other accessories, also works. If that’s not enough, Nokia 130 also offers a share button, so users can share images or documents they need.

Sims and Flashlight

Nokia 130 is available in two distinct versions, Dual-SIM and single sim, each with batteries that can provide an uninterrupted 45 hours of playback. Nokia 130 is a complete entertainment device with decent size speakers. An LED flashlight can help you get rid of the darkness.

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