5 Good Deeds to Follow in Ramadan 2022

ramadan 2022

When is Ramadan 2022 UK? 

Whether you are living in the UK or elsewhere, Ramadan is coming up. It is an Islamic month of fasting, self-control, and devotion to Allah (God). The first day of Ramadan will be in April 2022.

Ramadan Fasting:

However, it is actually up to each Muslim’s discretion as to whether they fast during the hours of daylight or not, if there is a fear of harm from abstaining from food and drink. Some have health problems that would prevent them from being able to fast. In this case, they don’t have to fast during Ramadan – but can make up for missed fasts at a later date. There may also be others who have missed out on some days because of traveling or perhaps they were ill. Again, there is nothing to stop them from fasting at a later date if they can’t make it up now.

There are certain good deeds that you can do during Ramadan, which would be applicable all year round. Not just during the month of Ramadan 2022 UK. Following are ten ways in which you may wish to consider increasing your best for this coming Ramadan:

1. Remember Allah more often 

You could do this by reciting daily prayers, making du’a (supplications), and asking Allah for help and guidance in your everyday life with family and friends. A lot of Muslims find it helpful to keep a journal where they write down their most important thoughts and feelings about Allah. 

2. Give up something bad for Ramadan

It could be an addiction to smoking, alcohol, drugs, or even sweets. Ask Allah’s forgiveness and guidance to help you overcome any addictions you have – and also ask Him to help those close to you who may have a problem that they need your help in dealing with.

3. Fast during Ramadan 2022

This is one of the main acts of worship during this month. For many Muslims, fasting involves refraining from eating, drinking, and sexual activity from dawn until sunset, but there are some exceptions that we will discuss below! It is not only about giving things up, but it is also about gaining self-control. Moreover, Try your best to stay away from all negative talk and focus instead on helping those around you.

4. Increase in charity giving

During Ramadan, many Muslims are encouraged to give more to the poor and needy. For others, this means sharing with everyone around them what they have and making donations to good causes if they can afford it. This is not only for Islam; it was something that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did too.

5. Perform more acts of worship during Ramadan 2022 UK

There are lots of optional rites like reading the Qur’an, praying extra prayers, and attending special night-time prayers called Taraweeh. Some people also like to complete their fast by reciting a prayer, thanking Allah for enabling them to fast. In addition, helping them stay strong, and resist any temptations that come their way.

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