School of Excellence in Law

School of Excellence in Law within the shortest amount of time and are interested in the Fast-Track Law Program. While the number of lawyers is decreasing in our society, law schools strive to produce new lawyers more quickly than ever. The right Fast-Track program could mean the difference between receiving a law diploma and not obtaining one.

Faster-Track Course

Generally speaking, the faster-track course is more expensive than a 3-year program. A three-year degree at Northwestern costs around $128,016. But, those who select this option will likely make more money than students who don’t. The salary for associates in the first year of students enrolled in the program is around $150,000, which is similar to the amount a law student could earn at the high-end law office.

University of Massachusetts Law

The University of Massachusetts Law is the only law school located in Massachusetts. It is a training ground for future generations of attorneys. But, it’s the only school within the State of Massachusetts. You might have to consider applying for other schools if you meet the requirements. This will impact the tuition and living expenses you have to pay while in law school. Furthermore, it will affect your total GPA and help your school stand apart from your crowd.

University of Miami Law

The University of Miami Law School’s 3+3 Fast-Track program is the first law school that is public in the state that offers this kind of program. The speedy J.D. will be available in May 2009; however, it will be the three-year degree program. Alongside Northwestern, the other schools with speed-track programs comprise the University of Dayton School of Arts & Sciences and the University of Southwestern Law School.

Northwestern University Law

Northwestern University Law offers a rapid-track J.D. program. The school continues to provide a three-year course. Other law schools that provide this program include the University of Dayton School of Letters & Science and Southwestern Law School. Both schools offer top-quality programs. They can also assist you in obtaining a job within the legal sector.

Dayton School of Law

Within the U.S., the University of Dayton School of Law offers a two-year speedy J.D. program; however, they’re not the sole one in the state to provide this choice. Southwestern and the University of Dayton are the only law schools in Ohio that offer the express track after two years. They are also among the fastest and most affordable methods to earn a law degree.

If you’re looking to become an attorney, a police officer, or a paralegal, an accelerated law school could be your best choice. Weber State’s Law Enforcement Academy can prepare you for a lifetime career in the law field. The curriculum is designed to provide the knowledge and perspective you require in an ever-changing field.

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