Tips to select the best sapphire engagement rings in London

Though diamonds have always been a classic choice for engagement rings, these days, modern bride and grooms go for coloured gems like sapphires and ruby. The serene and cool colour of sapphire make it a very desirable choice among couples who want to stand out of the crowd but in an elegant manner. The carats, size and shape of sapphires work the same way as diamonds but when it comes to clarity, quality, availability- sapphire engagement rings can be rather tricky to find. There are some insider knowledge that will help you choose the best sapphire rings from top jewellers in London. Read on to find out.

Colour scale

Unlike diamonds, there are variety in the hues of sapphires. Thus, you may find numerous shades of blues while looking for genuine sapphire that can make your choice harder. From pale pastel blue to dark twilight blue- sapphires come in variety of colours. The colour does not affect the quality of the sapphire but may affect its clarity. Hence, the key to choosing the colour of the sapphire depends largely on the clarity you witness. Also, how far it complements the metal of the ring also affects the choice.


The budget is an important part of choosing lab grown diamonds UK and especially sapphires. Though usually they are affordable compared to diamonds, it all comes down to the rarity and the hue of the stone. Some colours of sapphire are rarer and hence they are costlier. Colours like cornflower blue is rare. On the other hand, colours like royal blue are in high demand which also contribute to the price and expense of getting these stones.


A completely flawless sapphire is almost non-existent. In fact, organic sapphires will have some flaw and cloudiness. It all comes down to the cut and colour that affects the clarity. A sapphire that looks extremely crystal clear is likely to have been forged or heat-treated which by default diminishes its quality. Also, the stones which look very clear and beautiful to the naked eyes are usually more affordable and likely to be lab-grown. They are also easier to find.

Carat of the stone

All types of gemstones are measured by the carat. In case of sapphire, they tend to be much larger and heavier than diamonds. As a result, the sapphire which is of same size as a diamond is likely to have a higher carat. Choosing sapphire engagement ring comes down to what feels comfortable and looks good on the finger. It is tricky to find a very small sapphire but a standard and classic sized sapphire stone would be heavier than a diamond of the same size. As a result, it may feel uncomfortable to wear all the times. Thus, choosing the sapphire ring should be done keeping in mind the weight of the stone.


Unlike diamonds, there is no standardised cuts for sapphire. You can get them cut whichever way you want. You can even use diamond cuts as reference to get the right design. The best cut would be symmetrical and well-polished to highlight the sapphires best attributes.
One can rightly say that choosing a sapphire or any other engagement ring is never easy. But if you have the right criteria to consider, you can find the ideal option easily.

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