What exactly does DILF Mean? How do I dress like A DILF?

What exactly does DILF mean How do I dress like A DILF

What exactly does DILF mean?

DILF /dɪlf/ noun informal a sexually attractive older man, typically one who has children. “he is now officially a DILF”.

You’ve likely heard that your father is in fashion this year. Since Balenciaga started sending real dads with real children on the catwalk, there’s been a brand new and unpredicted fashion-conscious tribe called the DILF.

For those who believed that the acronym could have a different significance, we’ll make it clear. DILF is – as far as we’re concerned, stands for “Dads In Latest Fashions.” You might be a bit skeptical over the definition of “latest.” The styles we’re discussing are akin to styles that are more than a quarter-century old. Think relaxed stonewashed jeans, sensible jackets, dad caps, and more. This raises the issue:

What has made fathers, who were once often associated with lame jokes and sadsack fashion, come to be trendy?

Certain commentators have suggested that the DILF style was born from those who have no money longing for the security and stability of the suburban dads they grew up with and their large homes with sensible cars and retirement savings. What was once dull has now become aspirational.

It could be; however, there are some other, more rational reasons. ” Fashion is cyclical,” says Jess Punter, an author, and stylist for men. “The designs and shapes that the dad style has revived originate from the nineties. It’s also practical and comfortable.” Dads wear clothes for their function and not for form.

The outdoor-oriented brands they choose, like Patagonia and North Face, for instance, North Face, tend to be green, thus bringing the wearer a sense of sanity. (Patagonia has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over shrinking US National parks.)

There’s also the fact that the lack of coolness in a DILF is precisely the reason it’s cool. If everyone were wearing it, then it wouldn’t have to be a turn. “It’s pointing the finger at fashion, which has created this anti-fashion phenomenon,” says James Lawrence, head of menswear for ASOS. “It’s fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.”

The DILF design is chaotically visually appealing and eclectic. “It’s created a great way of clashing different styles from different genres together and making them all work,” adds Lawrence. Since if there’s a thing that dads don’t have the time for, it’s the task of putting together a cohesive outfit. Forget about Steve McQueen. It’s dads with a genuinely effortless fashion.



The roots of the dad style could be traced back just a few years before the widespread use of essential cotton-twill baseball caps that are seen on the peewee touchlines of every game.

The cheapest and most logo-friendly versions have been popular as a streetwear staple for a long time. Still, they became a trendy fashion item when Balenciaga came up with its performance, embroidering with the brand’s logo, which retailed at $285. Peak dad style.


Loose, pleated trousers are an option for dad-like impressions; however, high-waisted straight-legged pants are the most dependable pair, which combines the toughness of denim and the roominess of Joggers (plus the capability to bend and sit down – essential for children).

Check out the Original Levi’s 501s: standard jeans for an average guy. Also, no raw indigo jeans here. Finally, if you don’t have stonewash, they’re not washable.


“The chunky trainer is definitely the footwear big deal of the season and epitomizes ‘dad style’ for its ugliness, and how it’s worn with everything,” Lawrence of ASOS. ASOS’ Lawrence.

The likes of Balenciaga offer a coveted, fashionable style, such as The Triple S (which presumably stands for “Sell like Shit off a Shovel”). However, for an authentically dad-style alternative that won’t set you back $800, you can get something like the new Balance 990.


“An oversized tech jacket is also key as it adds an element of ‘trainspotter’ to the anti-fashion look,” says Lawrence. “Wear it over everything from tailoring to sportswear, just like your dad’s favorite jacket.”

The North Face, the maker of the unique Nuptse, has often been a collaborator with Supreme. In the meantime, Helly Hansen is back. 


It’s a toss-up between it or the turtleneck mock. However, few items or fabrics are as easy to use as half-zip fleece. Due to this, it’s languished in a tat in the racks of the hiking shops. It’s an unfortunate thing because It’s warm and not too large, making it great to layer underneath your technical jacket and also as outerwear (albeit it’s not waterproof) for those awkward between days. Unfortunately, this is a time when being fleeced can be beneficial.



“Watch reruns of Seinfeld for style inspo,” advises Punter. (It’s on Amazon Prime.) With his loose blazers, large blousy tops that are tucked into stonewashed denim, and large Nikes as well, the comedian in his nineties could have walked off the runway of Balenciaga – all he requires is the help of a child.

Don’t miss the surprising unsettlingly steezy George Costanza or, indeed, Cosmo Kramer, who is sporting a lovely line of flowers Cuban collar shirt.


Making an effort to join the Balenciaga bandwagon can bring you a lot of good. “Like all fashion trends, dad style looks best on lean male models,” Punter says. Punter. Also, slim, well-casted fathers at the fashion show.

“Sadly, you won’t pull it off if you have a dadbod – man boobs and paunches are too real.” So perhaps try and squeeze in some pull-ups when you next visit the playground.


This is the most important issue that the DILF look modeled on the catwalk isn’t really for dads in the first place. “It’s about ‘elevated’ pieces from labels like Balenciaga that score fashion points, not something that can be picked up in a supermarket,” adds Punter. “If you are an actual dad, I also recommend not spending PS700 on a pair of trainers – you have mouths to feed.” ASOS’ Lawrence echoes the sentiment: “Don’t do it if you are a dad.”

Click here for more information: https://www.fashionbeans.com/article/how-to-dress-like-a-dilf/

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