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Whatsapp is available for Android and iOS. The web app serves up chats and notifications from your phone. To use the app, you need a phone connection. Otherwise, your messages will not be delivered. To send a message, you should tap the arrow icon on the bottom of the screen. A message will be sent as soon as it has been received by the recipient. You can also change your profile picture and bio.


You can change your profile information, such as your profile photo and last active date. You can also disable Read Receipts, which will prevent your friends from knowing if you’ve received or read a message. Using the app is easy. You can set your privacy settings and turn off notifications for the app to ensure the safety of your data. You can choose to keep your account secure by enabling or disabling notifications.


You can set a status, which allows you to share pictures, videos, texts, and links. You can choose to keep it private, or you can use it to send messages to specific contacts. The status will disappear after 24 hours. Lastly, the Calls tab displays recent calls. You can add a status update to let others know about your whereabouts. If you’re not available on the internet, you can also check your calls.


WhatsApp is designed to help you connect with your contacts and make free international calls. While the app works with contacts who have an existing WhatsApp account, it is incredibly easy to set up and use. To make use of it, you’ll need an iPhone or Android device. However, you don’t need an iOS or an iPad to sign up. WhatsApp is a must-have app for any smartphone user.

iOS User

If you’re an iOS user, you can disable notifications by going to the Settings menu. The notifications will appear when you’re online, so you can view the notifications in a different tab. Once you’ve received a message, tap on it to reply. This will send a message to your contacts. When you’ve finished, just press the ‘X’ button. You can delete the status to delete it. You can also edit your profile by renaming it.


The latest update of the app has made the application more useful than ever. The new version of WhatsApp supports audio and video calls and offers an intuitive interface. Users can choose to set their Status as “in meetings all day” or “only chat, no-call” or a variety of other options. When it comes to calling, the status feature is the most convenient way to communicate. In addition to this, you can customize your caller’s number.


Create a list of Contacts

WhatsApp allows you to create a list of contacts. You can add contacts and then choose which ones you want to be alerted to. You can also set a notification alert to notify you of an incoming call. Once you’ve selected your contacts, you can send them a message. With this app, you can send text messages, audio messages, video messages, and even share files. You can even choose to create a public status for your friends to see.

Set your Status

WhatsApp also allows you to set your status. You can write a message that says, “On meetings, only chat, no calls” or “Only texting, no calls.” You can also use the Status feature to share photos and videos. Once you’ve sent a message, you can view the conversations that took place in the previous 24 hours. Among other features, WhatsApp can be used for mobile payments and social networking.

User-friendly Interface

The main interface of WhatsApp is very simple and user-friendly. You can access your contacts’ information through the menu bar. You can also see recent calls on the call history. You can easily see who has made audio calls using the app. By limiting the auto-downloads, you can save a lot of data on your mobile device. The only drawback of the WhatsApp application is that it does not allow you to make video calls.

Another feature that WhatsApp has is its ability to make phone calls. If you’re using this app for business purposes, you can send free calls from your mobile phone. The app uses your internet connection to connect to your contact. This means that it will not use cellular data and will save your phone’s battery. You can also use the app to make video calls. But if you’re using the app for personal reasons, the WhatsApp Business will be more suitable for you.

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