Woobie Hoodie Care Instructions

Woobie Hoodie

This article is to provide on care instructions on how to clean, store and maintain your woobie hoodie. You will find in this article:

How to hem a Woobie Hoodie

Assuming you have a basic sewing kit, you will need the following materials:

– A Woobie Hoodie
– A straight edge
– A measuring tape
– Chalk or a fabric pencil
– Scissors
– Thread
– A needle
– A sewing machine (optional)

1. Measure how much you need to hem your Woobie Hoodie. To do this, try the hoodie on and fold up the bottom hem to the desired length. Then use a straight edge and measuring tape to measure from the fold to the bottom of the hoodie. Add 1/2 an inch to this measurement to allow for seam allowance, and then mark this measurement with chalk or a fabric pencil on the wrong side of the hoodie fabric.
2. Cut off the excess fabric from the bottom of the hoodie, using your chalk line as a guide. Be sure to cut cleanly and evenly.
3. Fold up the bottom of the hoodie again, this time matching up the raw edges of the fabric. Pin in place if desired.
4. Sew a straight stitch along the raw edge of the fabric, using either a needle and thread or a sewing machine. Be sure to

Cleaning Instructions and Advice

It is made of a cotton blend, it can be machine-washed cold on the delicate cycle. You can also hand-wash it in cold water if you’re worried about the hoodie’s color fading. To prevent the hoodie from shrinking, hang it to dry instead of using the dryer. If you must use the dryer, put it on the lowest setting and remove the hoodie while it’s still slightly damp.

How to find the size of your woobie hoodie

What is the width of your hoodie?

To find the width of your hoodie, measure from the seam at one sleeve cuff, across the front of the garment to the seam at the other sleeve cuff.

What is the length of your hoodie?

To find the length of your hoodie, measure from the center back neckline seam, down to the bottom hem.

Care, Shelter and Unbroken Sprit

We all know the feeling of cozying up in a well-worn hoodie. The sense of security and comfort it provides is unmatched. But how do you keep your woobie hoodie in tip-top shape so it can provide years of snuggly goodness? With a few simple care instructions, you can keep you looking good and feeling like new.

Here are some tips on how to care for your woobie hoodie:

-Wash your woobie hoodie inside out in cold water with mild detergent.

-Hang dry or lay flat to dry. Do not put your woobie hoodie in the dryer!

-If your woobie hoodie starts to pill, gently remove the pills with a lint roller or fabric shaver.

By following these simple care instructions, you can keep your woobie hoodie looking and feeling like new for years to come.

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